New Design Aluminium Kayak Trolley with PU Balloon Wheel

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Product Details

Kayak Trolley with PU wheel

Canoe Trolley With PU wheel


● A part of 2 pneumatic wheels are 10"X4" with polyethylene Black rims.

● The Frame of aluminium tube type of drawn and brite anodixzed is tough, durable, corrison and UV resistant.

● 1" wide black nylon strap should be attached with 2 frames.

● Four rubber cannulations are good for prevent the surface of Kayak/ Canoe Abrasion Packing: 

   pack in whtie box. 2 sets per carton.

 ● Heavy duty, collapsible frame is marine grade aluminium anodized after fabrication

 Soft rubber bumpers toprotect your boats hull

 Material: Aluminum frame

 Color: As er custormer requirement

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