Q: How does Toway Watersports control the quality?

A: We control the quality at the source and each, every workstation-the whole manufacturing processess, with stringent standards, until the product is packed up. The following is the Quality Control Flow Chart:

Q: What's the standard lead time for kayak products?

A: It depends.  Obviously, quantity matters; besides,if you need the kayaks to carry your own LOGO with molded-in LOGO from the USA, it takes longer.

Based on a 20'container load-50pcs or so, it takes 15 -21 working days.

Q: How many kayaks can a 20' container hold?

A: It depends. For example:
Single sit-on-top,L:2930  W:840   H:340: about      50pcs;
Double sit-on-top, L:3860;  W:850;  H:350:20ft:23pcs+15pcs single;
double sit in,L:3952;  W:846;  H:380:20ft:21pcs+15pcs single;
single sea kayak,L:4800;  W:650;  H:400:20ft:23pcs;
double sea kayak,L:5200;  W:660;  H:430:20ft:24pcs.
if you need container load information about 40'GP and 40' HQ, please send email to: info@towaysports.com

Q: What types of kayaks do you supply?

A: We have many types of kayaks: single sit on top, tandem sit on top, family sit on top; single sit in kayak, double sit in kayak; Day touring kayak, single ocean kayak, double ocean kayak; fishing kayaks of all kinds, including Motored Pro Fishing Kayak, and inflatable kayaks as well.

Q: How do Inflatable boards compare to hard boards?

A: When inflated correctly and used for general Stand Up Paddling you will hardly notice a difference. For high performance surfing you will find you will have to adapt your style as the board rides differently but still rides well. The biggest benefit is that you can deflate, roll up and stash your board in the back of the car with ease and transporting it further afield is really easy. Our boards love to travel.

Q: How long can I leave the board inflated for?

Over time you will experience some loss of pressure especially with temperature changes. Just top it up before you hit the water. The board should be stored out of direct sunlight and if you are not going to use it for a while you should reduce the pressure to below 15psi.

Q: How do I maintain my board?

A: A You can pretty much give it hell if you want to and it won’t mind. If you do want to treat it like an old friend then wash it down with fresh water after each use, keep out of direct sunlight and store loosely rolled. Treated like this it will last a long time and maintain it’s value if you ever want to sell it to upgrade to a newer model in the future

Q: What do I get in the repair kit?

A: A In the unlikely event that you put a hole in your board (we have yet to puncture one even after heavy abuse) then inside the repair kit you will find some glue and some patches that can be used to get you back up and running. A good repair should be left overnight to cure. Also inside the repair kit is a valve tool. You can use this to remove the valve from the board for servicing. You may never have to remove it but if you do you’ll have the right tool for the job.

Q: Will hot sun cause the board to over inflate?

A: A We don’t recommend leaving your board in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Following this advice will keep your board in good working order for as long as possible.

Q: What is the best way to store the board?

A: A You can store the board rolled up in the bag, or fully inflated or partially inflated. If you don’t plan to use your board for a long time we recommend you store it loosely rolled.

Q: What colors and designs are available for kayaks?

A:  Colors can be customized-white, yellow, green, red, camo,and/or any color combinations requested.The following are some most frequently used colors and designs.

Q: How does Toway Watersports control the quality of kayaks?
A: See the kayak production processes control chart below and you'll know why Toway's kayaks are guaranteed high quality.

Q: What's your monthly production capacity for kayaks?

A: We have 5 roto-molding machines. Our monthly production capacity for kayaks is about 1200pcs.