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About Us

Toway Watersports Co.,Ltd., watersports manufacturing group, both manufacturer and exporter. We are one-stop watersports and outdoor marketplace from China. With our own manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen and Dongguan and our partners’ facilities in all over mainland China, we represent factories group of different watersports gears and equipments, outdoor gears and utilities and all the best watersports resources from all over China, we are becoming the leading business platform for watersports, outdoor products from China.

Basically, there are three types of factories in our group 1) our own facilities; 2) our strategic  partners; 3) our direct suppliers;  kayak carts/trolleys, kayak seats/pads, paddles, dry bags, are made in our own facilities; kayaks, Canoes, SUP boards, and all inflatable kayaks, SUP boards, and composite boats, are from our strategic partners-top manufacturers from China, carefully selected out of many candidates through years of cooperation, observation and based on the feedback from customers of many countries; which guarantee all of the products from us representing the best quality from China, and at very competitive price.  Our products cover Kayaking ,Canoeing, paddling, sailing, Surfing,Fishing, Surfing, and hiking, etc. We are striving to be the leading supplier from China in this regard by providing top-quality products and the best services, which will help you stand out in the homogenization of products and services today . You will be deeply impressed with the quality of Toway products--the best materials, best craftsmanship, best details, best surface quality.

In order to give our customers one-stop service, We also source from manufacturers for many other items of good quality and readily available, and supply these products to our customers at very low margin, so that our customers get real one-stop services for their China outsourcing operation and saving the hassle of talking to so many different suppliers back and forth, saving time and money as well.

Also, We keep developing innovative products, which differentiate from the competitors’, and  which will help YOU STANDOUT in the homogenization of products and services today.

With our vision and our customers in mind, Toway practices very stringent manufacturing process control, from purchasing materials to each and every working station, and to packing up, and thus we ensure each piece of product off the line is in very good condition, and arrive at your door intact. We are to set up the quality standards in the regard, and we won’t supply cheap stuff. Also, keeping lean supply concept in mind, Toway will give you the best value that you need. Have a try, you will see what you can get from Toway Watersports! Partner up with us and let’s grow together!